3 Of The Most Pressing Questions About Asbestos Garage Roofs

3 Of The Most Pressing Questions About Asbestos Garage Roofs

Your Most Pressing Questions About Asbestos Garage Roof Answered

Asbestos has a nasty reputation preceding it. This is especially true if you look at it from the perspective of health. There are many residential and work buildings in the UK that have been constructed using asbestos.

An asbestos roof covering can also be found in these buildings and asbestos roof removal may be required if it is not in the best of conditions. But before getting anxious, you need to understand what asbestos is and if it is really a threat. So here are 3 of the most pressing questions about asbestos garage roofs, answered.

How do I know for sure if I have asbestos in my garage roof?

It is important to know that any property, home or office, that was built before the turn of the millennium is likely to have asbestos in its construction. It was used because of its numerous qualities, like being extremely strong and durable

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It had been proven resistant to fire, heat and electrical conduction. Therefore, it became the material of choice in construction.

Asbestos was banned for use in construction in the UK at the turn of the millennium (2000), so if your house is made before the 2000s, it may have asbestos. If you think that your house has asbestos containing materials, the first thing you should do is to leave them be.

That’s because if the asbestos garage roof is in good maintenance, you don’t have any health threats to worry about. An asbestos roof covering that is not flaking, chipping or falling apart is not a health threat.

If you try to move the asbestos roof covering from its place, that may cause scraping and the subsequent release of micro fibres into the air. These fibres are especially harmful to health. They can cause lung diseases and eventually result in death if not dealt with properly.

How can identify if it’s asbestos; should I get a survey?

If you don’t have experience with asbestos garage roofs or other asbestos containing materials, you may not be able to tell the difference. Many times the roof is made of materials similar in appearance to asbestos and don’t contain any.

The same is also true of Artex surface coating which may be used on ceilings and walls it, may look unassuming, but is a source of the asbestos. Therefore, hiring a professional surveyor is almost always a good option.

It is ill-advised to repair your asbestos garage roof yourself if you lack the training. A surveyor may be the best line of defence for you to find out if the asbestos containing materials are a threat to your health. They’ll assess the condition that the material is in and remove the asbestos materials safely if needed.

If you’re looking to sell your house that has asbestos, that is possible. However, you must mention that the house you are selling has asbestos containing material. In many cases when someone discovers asbestos during a purchase it can lead to the sale falling through or needing to reduce the selling price to allow for the cost of asbestos removal.

Working in a building with asbestos, is it safe?

People may be worried about working in a building with asbestos. This may not necessarily be an issue if the building is well maintained. Even if it is one from before the 2000s, a well-maintained building may not be unsafe if well managed.

Remember, only the asbestos fibres can cause health risks. If you’re still worried, you can bring up the asbestos issue with the health and safety manager of the building.

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