5 Common Asbestos Containing Materials

5 Common Asbestos Containing Materials
5 Common Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material that was first used widely in the manufacture of the steam engines in 1828. Due to the material being cheap, heat resistant, and durable, the construction industry fell in love with it.

Asbestos containing materials (ACM) became increasingly popular in the 1930s right up till the 1970s when reports showed the link between lung cancer and asbestos exposure.

Today ACM (asbestos products) are banned in the construction sector in the UK, the US, Australia, and other developed countries. Knowing about ACM (asbestos products) will help you to limit exposure to the dangerous material.

Use of ACM (Asbestos Products)

The use of ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) had stretched to multiple industries including manufacturing, construction, and automotive. ACM refers to any material that consists of more than 1 percent asbestos. Common examples of materials consisting of asbestos include but are not limited to boiler and pipe insulation, floor tiles, acoustical insulation, roofing materials, shingles, water tanks, wall and ceiling plaster, and automotive parts.

The ACM (asbestos products) can be grouped into the following five categories for easy understanding.

1. Tiles

Floor tiles, roofing tiles, and ceiling tiles were generally made from asbestos. The adhesive that is used to install the asbestos tiles is also an ACM (asbestos product).

2. Textiles

Asbestos had been popularly used in the production of garments and cloths. The material was used in the textile sector due to resistance to corrosive elements including heat and cold. Common ACM in the textile sector includes fireman suits, blankets, and rope.

3. Cement

A lot of cement products contained asbestos. The material has been used in the building of cement products such as water tanks because of extra strength of the fibre. The best thing about the material was that it did not add much weight to the product. Moreover, the fire resistance and heat insulating properties made it the ideal material for cement products.

4. Surfacing Material

Asbestos was also used as a surfacing material. It was sprayed or applied in other manners to make the surface fireproof or soundproof. The material was also applied to fittings, pipes, boilers, ducts, and other building components to provide insulation.

5. Automotive Parts

ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) are also used as automotive parts. They have been used in the manufacture of clutches, brake pads, gaskets, hood liners, and valves.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of ACM. There are many other products that contain asbestos. When left alone, asbestos products are not a health risk. However, when damaged the products release asbestos fibres. Prolonged exposure to the fibres can limit the capacity of the lungs to breath air in and out. That’s why it’s important that you contact a licensed asbestos removal contractor for a survey and removal of damaged asbestos.

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