5 Common Myths about Asbestos Exposed

5 Common Myths about Asbestos Exposed

Asbestos has been used extensively in the building materials such as floor tiles, shingles, ceiling
insulation, garage roofing, and others. However, it was later proven that asbestos exposure can cause
dangerous health consequences. As a result, its use was banned in many countries around the world
including Australia, France, the US, and also the UK.

Generally, there is a lack of awareness in the public about asbestos removal and exposure. This has led to
some unusual myths that we will expose in this article one at a time.

Myth 1: If you detect asbestos, you should immediately remove it from the House

Fact: You should never try to remove asbestos yourself. The risk to your health increases significantly if
you disturb or damage the asbestos-containing building material in any way. Instead, you should call a
licensed asbestos removal contractor for safe and effective removal of the asbestos from the home.
Donned in disposable suits and wearing safety gloves and respirators, asbestos removal experts will
safely remove the hazardous material from the house.

Myth 2: Asbestos is Not Harmful in Small Doses

Fact: This is one of the most common myths about Asbestos. The reality is that asbestos exposure is
harmful in both small and large doses. Exposure to low doses of asbestos has been linked to asbestos-
related lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Myth 3: Asbestos Health Effects are Felt Immediately

Fact: This is yet another common misconception about asbestos exposure. The health effect of asbestos
exposure is not felt immediately. The adverse effects are normally felt about 20 to 50 years after being
exposed to the asbestos fibres.

Myth 4: Wearing a Mask Will Prevent Exposure to Asbestos

Fact: Wearing a simple mask bought from a general store won’t protect you against asbestos fibres.
Licensed asbestos removal contractor swear special masks that are particularly designed to protect them
from inhaling asbestos fibres. That’s why you should leave the task of removing asbestos to the experts.

Myth 5: There is Only One Type of Asbestos

Fact: In the UK, three types of asbestos were used in the building materials. These include chrysotile
(white asbestos), amosite, (brown asbestos), and crocidolite (blue asbestos). Amosite and crocidolite
were banned in 1985, while chrysotile was banned in 1999. All the types of asbestos cause dangerous
health effects.

Getting up-to- date knowledge about asbestos exposure is important. Not knowing the facts can result in
deadly consequences. For asbestos collection in London, you should contact us. We are
a licensed asbestos removal contractor in West London. Our experienced and highly skilled experts can
safely dispose asbestos in Hounslow, UK.

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