5 Safety Tips When Disposing of Asbestos Garage Roofs

5 Safety Tips When Disposing of Asbestos Garage Roofs
5 Safety Tips When Disposing of Asbestos Garage Roofs

Safety is essential when it comes to disposal of an asbestos garage roof. This is necessary to avoid any health hazard due to asbestos exposure. Taking safety precautions when disposing of asbestos containing material also help to avoid any legal fines and lawsuits that can arise due to careless handling.

Here are five tips to ensure safe and proper handling and disposal of an asbestos garage roof.

1. Dampen the Place

The area around the asbestos garage roof that needs to be removed should be dampened. This is necessary to prevent the spread of asbestos fibres. In case asbestos containing material is wet, the asbestos fibres will not rise thereby preventing any health risk.

2. Cover with Polythene Sheet

Another important safety tip is to cover everything except the asbestos garage roof with a polythene sheet. This is required to avoid contamination of the area. In this way, asbestos particles will land on the sheets that can be disposed of safely. Also, you should turn off the air conditioning and heating vents as dust can settle inside the vents that will be costly to clean.

3. Relocate the Family and Pets

Before commencing the demolition work, it’s important that you relocate your family and the pet to another place. They can be moved back to the house once the asbestos removal work has been completed.

4. Place a Warning Sign

An important safety tip is to place a warning sign near the asbestos garage roof. This is necessary to prevent unsuspecting visitors from entering the place.

5. Ensure Proper Disposal of Asbestos Material

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Finally, asbestos garage roof needs to be disposed of properly at a site that is approved by the local council. The disposal should be made soon after the removal of the garage roof. Keep in mind that every council has different requirements regarding asbestos disposal. Therefore, it’s important that you contact the local council office to find out the proper site for disposal, quantity of disposal at a time, and the right time for disposal.

The above are the topmost safety rules when disposing of asbestos garage roof. When deciding to dispose the asbestos containing material, you should keep your neighbours into consideration. Any action that is considered dangerous to the surrounding households will be investigated as per the provisions of the Health Act 1958.

You should contact a licensed asbestos removal company for disposal of an asbestos garage roof. Make sure that you contact a company that dispose of asbestos in Hounslow professionally taking the above safety tips into account. You can get asbestos removal online quote to find out the asbestos garage roof cost. It’s important that you completely understand the process and the total cost of hiring a company for asbestos garage roof disposal.