Artex Ceiling Removal

Artex Ceiling Removal

Artex Ceiling removal is a common task now that these ceilings are reaching the end of their lifespan, Artex is a specific type of surface coating that is usually utilized for many different layers and types of interior decoration in individual homes, as well as commercial properties such as offices and hotels. As a general rule, it is most often found on the ceilings and walls of many homes throughout the United Kingdom and even beyond.

However, before the advent of this century, the product used to be further strengthened with Asbestos so as to preserve its longevity. But on the other hand, the beautiful patterns and swirls, once damaged are almost impossible to repair. This is why the entire panels (or series of panels, as the case may be) would automatically have to be removed when carrying out artex ceiling removal so as to preserve the natural look of your ceiling or walls.

Asbestos in Artex Ceiling Removal

Here is how you can go about doing your artex ceiling removal yourself via DIY (do it yourself) methods without using expensive equipment.

Protect all surrounding areas

It is deemed prudent to remove any and all lightweight furniture as well as decorations and other knick-knacks from the room that needs its Artex removed. It would be best to get rid of all furniture. But if that is not possible, then the larger pieces of furniture should be adequately covered with plastic sheets and/or heavy-duty tarpaulin covers. Apart from that, all electronic appliances in the room should be covered with double layers to ensure maximum protection. The floor should also be covered, preferably with a drop cloth to ensure that it does not get damaged during the removal process.

Protect yourself

Protecting yourself is of course even more important since furniture can easily be replaced but the same does not hold true for human health. You should don asbestos masks and heavy duty rubber gloves along with thick coveralls.

The thing about Artex panelling is that it has a tendency of liquefying once it becomes very hot. This is why so many precautions have to be taken to protect both yourself and the furnishings already present in the room.

Use a wallpaper streamer

Fill and heat up a wallpaper steamer and once it is hot enough, simply make sure that it has been applied for a few seconds at most, on the surface, being careful not to overheat it to the extent that the Artex starts turning into liquid. Once it has been adequately steamed, it will be ready for removal with the help of a wall scraper. Simply scrape it off and dispose of the residue in clear and sealable plastic bags.

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A word of caution

However, before doing the needful, it is absolutely imperative that you conduct a test to determine if the Artex has Asbestos as a strengthening agent or not. If the tests (conducted by qualified professionals) come out positive, it is imperative that you refrain from doing it yourself and acquire the services of specialist contractors for the purpose at hand.

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