Asbestos Removal Costs Reference Guide

Asbestos Removal Costs Reference Guide

Your Asbestos Removal Costs Reference Guide

One thing you should know before finding out asbestos removal costs are the different kinds of asbestos that exist. The first kind of asbestos is brown asbestos, also known as amosite. This type of asbestos was used in buildings usually as insulation material.

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Next is chrysotile or white asbestos. This kind of asbestos is usually found in 20th century homes, buildings and garages. The distinct greyish white colouration of this asbestos is a dead giveaway. Crocidolite or blue asbestos is found in Southern Africa and has a smoother texture than the previous two types.

Do you need asbestos removal?

This question should be dealt with sincerely and delicately. Before you rush to get a quote of asbestos removal, you might want to find out if you need it. Many homes from the 20th century UK were constructed with a high amount of asbestos.

Chances are that if the asbestos is in good health and not cracked or damaged, you may not need it at all. The fibres can be released from the asbestos only when it’s broken or chipped at the edges. Always get an inspection or survey before you decide on getting asbestos removal. If the asbestos poisoning risk is high, then you might need asbestos removal in any case.

Asbestos Removal Costs

The amount of asbestos removal needed is essential in determining the price. However, there are 3 steps that you need to take before you get an estimate of the costs of total asbestos sheet removal.

Survey and identify

A professional surveyor is first needed to find out where asbestos is present in your house, how much of it is there, and what are the risks involved in removing them. There is no getting around this step. A base appraisal of the materials to find out their condition will cost in excess of £50, and an extensive survey of the whole building or house may start from £200 onwards. An extensive survey helps determine what treatment is better for the building: encapsulation or removal.

Encapsulation or Removal

If asbestos has been chipped away and not deteriorated as much, as found out during the extensive survey, that means encapsulation is viable for your house or building. An adhesive is applied to your walls to help you prevent the release of fibers that may harm the inhabitants of the building or house. Encapsulation starts at £8/m2.

If encapsulation is not preferred after the survey, then you need licensed professionals for it. These professionals safely and humanely deal with the burgeoning threat of asbestos so you don’t have to be careful of the hazardous material in your house anymore. You may even drive up the price of your house in the market. Asbestos removal costs start from £50/m2.

Re-boarding after removal

If there are cavities that pop up after you have asbestos removal, reboarding may be unavoidable. This starts from around £400.

Asbestos Garage removal costs

The asbestos removal costs depend on the size and areas to be removed. For instance, an asbestos garage roof removal may cost £450 and £780 if it includes the sides. If you have a double garage, the prices go up to £750 and £1800 (with sides). Insulation ceiling board removal can cost anywhere near £1400.

It’s all ultimately an investment in health which, if lost, can never be regained.

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