Asbestos Roof Removal in St Albans

Asbestos Roof Removal in St Albans

Asbestos was a very common material used for roofing and other purposes in the construction industry a few years back. Unfortunately, it was discovered that damaged Asbestos panels were directly responsible for releasing extremely harmful and carcinogenic microfibers into the atmosphere. These micro fibres when inhaled, created a lot of health problems for the residents of the buildings in which the Asbestos sheets had been affixed.

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Now that its dangerous properties have been discovered, Asbestos has been removed from the list of constructions materials of all builders in the UK as well as most parts of the world. In fact, efforts are now underway to have it removed from as many buildings in as short a span of time as is humanly possible to do so. This holds true for the town of St. Albans even more than many others because it had witnessed a significant construction boom throughout the 1970s and 80s, due to which there are many buildings that were erected with Asbestos being a key material used in their construction.

This is why the removal of these harmful Asbestos sheets is being facilitated all over St Albans in order to help improve the general quality of life as well as the longevity of the denizens of St Albans town.

Asbestos Garage Roof Removal in St Albans

As a general rule, most people who want their Asbestos roofing sheets removed should aim to hire the services of highly qualified and licensed professionals whose job it is to dispose of Asbestos sheets properly, at the demarcated disposal sites. They have the means, the training as well as the equipment to get the job done right, the very first time over.

However, DIY or do it yourself Asbestos sheeting removal is also possible as well as permissible provided it is within the confines of the law. Unlicensed asbestos removal is actually permitted as per the law in St Albans town, provided certain conditions are met beforehand.

These typically include the following:

  • As long as the total area that has been earmarked for removal is not large enough to create any sort of health hazard whatsoever, towards the person directly responsible for the removal of the Asbestos sheets.
  • Apart from that, another aspect that must be taken into consideration is that the total amount of time requiring exposure to the Asbestos sheets.
  • All due precautions have been taken including protective clothing.
  • Furthermore, the sheets have to be adequately packaged before they can be safely transported and disposed of.

All of the above precautions have to be followed, so as to ensure the protection of not just yourself and your loved ones, but also the environment around you.

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