How can your restaurant benefit from Fire Remediation Surveys?

How can your restaurant benefit from Fire Remediation Surveys?

The hospitality business is a very competitive, cut throat business. It is also one that is subject to the RRO (Regulatory reform order of fire safety). A restaurant may go bankrupt if it makes the mistake of not keeping up with fire safety standards. There are lots of places where a fire may occur in restaurants, including the kitchen. The kitchen is surrounded by loads of potential fire hazards and so Fire Remediation Surveys become essential to ensure the safety of the cook(s), wait staff and the restaurant’s guests.

The Kitchen is the main high risk area in the Restaurant

First and foremost, comes the kitchen which can include cold storage rooms. To stop a fire that breaks out in the kitchen, the restaurant must follow these measures with regards to compartmentation:

  • The cooking area should be separate from the dining area where customers are seated. A fire remediation survey can help find the appropriate materials and implement the necessary safety precautions that will bring the restaurant to compliance levels.
  • Non-flammable walls, flooring and ceilings should be installed in the kitchen. The kitchen needs to be well insulated and a fire remediation survey will help you find what is required from the kitchen. Since cooks work with fats and oils that are flammable at high temperature, there is always a higher risk involved with fats and oils. If they reach a high enough temperature, they may pose an imminent fire threat. The temperature at which fats give off high intensity vapors is around 230° If there is inadequate insulation and fire protection, a fire is bound to happen. A fire remediation survey becomes necessary to mitigate the risk. All flammable areas in the kitchen need to be overlaid by non-flammable material.
  • A shutter that offers the same fire resistance as the kitchen should be placed between the severy and the dining area of the restaurant. If there is no such shutter, a fire remediation survey can help determine what dimension and material would be suitable for its construction to prevent the spreading of an untimely fire.
  • Gaps near pipes and cables that leave the kitchen should use fire penetration sealing in order to have them at par with the material used in fire proof restaurant construction. If the restaurant needs to be fire proofed anew, there is no better way to find that out than a fire remediation survey.

Find out potential fire hazards and resolve them

As mentioned, there are numerous fire hazards in the restaurant’s kitchen as well as in the indoor seating area. A fire that breaks out in the kitchen may easily spread to the seating area of the restaurant by doors or ceiling vents. There may be gas cylinders and other equipment for cooking which may cause a potential fire hazard. A remediation survey is important in such a case – it will help prevent these issues from occurring.

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