What are the Different Types of Asbestos?

What are the Different Types of Asbestos?

Asbestos has been used in the past in different types of building materials. They were in-demand due to their high insulating properties. However, a lot of research pointed out that exposure to the material resulted in cancer. As a result, they were banned in many countries around the world including the UK.

Here we will take a look at different types of asbestos, and the steps you can take to protect you and your family’s health.

1. Chrysotile

Chrysotile is the most common type of asbestos. It is commonly found in roof sheets, walls, floors, and ceilings in both residential and commercial spaces. The fibres are long, white, and curly. It is generally considered less harmful as compared to other types of asbestos. Nevertheless, it was banned in the UK in 1999.

2. Actinolite

Actinolite is another type of asbestos that was not as widely used in the UK as chrysotile asbestos. It is usually found as a contaminate in different types of asbestos products. The material poses a major health risk as it is easy to inhale resulting in lung cancer. Colour of the material ranges from dark brown to white.

3. Anthophyllite

Anthophyllite was mainly mined in Finland. Similar toactinolite, it was not widely used and is mostly found as a contaminant. The material is grey-brown in colour and was mostly used in composite flooring.

4. Tremolite

Tremolite was commonly used as a contaminant in chrysotile asbestos products such as roofing sheets, sealants, paints, and insulation products. The material was commercially used due to its heat-resistant properties. It can be of different colours including white, grey, brown, and green.

5. Crocidolite

Crocidolite is also known as blue asbestos that was mostly mined in Australia, South Africa, and Bolivia. Health Protection Agency in the UK claims that it is the most dangerous type of asbestos. The material was commonly used in pipe insulation, spray-on coatings, and cement products.

6. Amosite

Amosite is a brown coloured Asbestos that is mostly mined in Africa. The material was commonly used in pipe insulation and cement sheet. It was also used in ceiling tiles, insulating boards, and anti-condensation material.

While there are many other types of asbestos, the above six are the most common that were used in different types of building materials. Keep in mind that all the types of asbestos are harmful to the health.

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