A Guide to Asbestos Water Tank Removal Costs

A Guide to Asbestos Water Tank Removal Costs
A Guide to Asbestos Water Tank Removal Costs

Before you get on to the asbestos water tank removal costs, you should first know if the water tank’s construction really is of asbestos. Asbestos testing and sampling cost very less, around £6-£8 per test performed. If you have more than just a water tank that you want to have removed, like a part of walls or asbestos garage roof, you may also get a discount on the total amount since this is usually the case if you’re getting a higher number of tests performed. Not only is asbestos testing necessary to know if you have asbestos in your materials, but it is also important to know if it’s relatively undisturbed enough for you to forgo the removal altogether.

Asbestos is Best Left Undisturbed

If you think you have asbestos, it might just be worthwhile to let it be as it is, if it’s not disturbed. This is because the fibres in asbestos and not the asbestos itself is the real reason that the material is dangerous. A survey will help you decide if you need to dispose or remove it or just let it be the way it is.

Ways to Deal with Testing and Sampling

There are two ways that you can deal with testing and sampling. One is the more favourable way. It is when the sample is already broken off from the asbestos water tank and there’s no risk of dust or debris spreading out. You can lock the sample in polythene sheeting and send it off to a UKAS accredited lab for testing, yourself.

The second one involves asbestos water tank removal costs. This is when the sample is not broken off. In such a case, you normally need to have a professional asbestos remover accredited by UKAS to help remove and collect the sample.

How Professionals Do It

The best accredited professional for asbestos removal can undertake an analysis of cement or other materials that may have asbestos used in them. The asbestos removal costs involved may be a bit high but getting asbestos testing and removal from licensed personnel is best as they have years of experience of dealing with specific kinds of removal like those from water tanks. They offer collection and testing of bulk as well as one-off samples of suspected asbestos materials.

How Much Does Asbestos Water Tank Removal Cost?

The most important factor in the asbestos water tank removal costs is the type of asbestos discovered, from chrysotile, amosite to crocidolite. For a water tank, the cement most likely has chrysotile or white asbestos.

A survey for asbestos depends on the type of the house and the number of rooms within the house. The prices typically start from £130 for a one or two bedroom flat. It gets a bit pricier as a detached house with more than 6 beds will start from £230 and the price only goes higher from there.

The asbestos water tank removal costs along with the proper disposal start from £160, but this figure may increase with the complexity of the job, such as, if the tank was at a height and attached to an insulation board in a loft. The disposal itself makes up most of the costs as it starts from an estimated £140.

But these costs are insignificant compared to the value you place on your life. So if there is a disturbed asbestos water tank in your house, you need to get it surveyed to find out if you need to remove it or encapsulate it to stop it from being as threatening to your health and safety as it already is.

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