How to Identify the Risk Posed by Asbestos Roofing

How to Identify the Risk Posed by Asbestos Roofing

Asbestos is a natural substance that has serious health consequences. Reports in the early 20th century showed that exposure to asbestos resulted in lung diseases. It was found that individuals who were exposed to asbestos died at an unusually young age.
In the year 2000, the UK government banned the use of asbestos in buildings. However, older buildings still contain asbestos containing materials.
Asbestos roofing is one such material that may be present in older buildings. In this article, we will explain how to identify asbestos roofing and also what steps you can take to protect your household from asbestos risk.

1. Age of the Building

If the building has been built prior to 2000, there is a risk that the roofing may contain asbestos. Since asbestos is fire resistant, it was extensively used as a roofing material in older homes. Apart from the roofs, the walls and areas around fireplaces may also contain asbestos containing material in older buildings.

2. Colour of Asbestos

Another way to identify asbestos risk is to look at the colour of the damaged roofing. Asbestos is greyish, whitish, or blue in colour. If you suspect that your damaged roofing is made of asbestos, you should immediately call an asbestos removal company for safe disposal of the damaged roofing.

3. Lab Check of Samples

Lastly, you can call an asbestos surveyor to take a sample of the damaged asbestos roofing. An asbestos inspector will analyse the sample in the lab using a microscope. In case the test comes out positive, further testing will be done to determine the asbestos exposure risk.
Asbestos removal specialists take great care when taking the sample. You should not try to take a sample yourself as it might result in asbestos exposure. Specialists who take the sample wear special gloves and masks if required. They may spray the area with water before they take a sample. Water prevents the fibres from becoming airborne when the roofing material is cut to take the sample.

Why It’s Important to Damaged Remove Asbestos Roofing?

Damaged asbestos roofing poses a great threat to the household. When not removed immediately, asbestos fibres can release from the roofing. Long term exposure to the asbestos fibres can lead to serious health consequences.
Experienced asbestos removal experts will safely remove the threat of asbestos from the house. They will make use of safety equipment and wear special clothing to safely remove and properly dispose asbestos containing material from the house.

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