Importance of Asbestos Surveys: Why It's Absolutely Necessary?

Importance of Asbestos Surveys: Why It's Absolutely Necessary?

Asbestos was once widely used as a building material due to its exceptional insulation properties. But it soon became clear that asbestos exposure caused a wide variety of health disorders. Inhalation of asbestos fibresserves as a great health risk. It was found that asbestos exposure resulted in severe lung diseases.

Property owners should carry on asbestos surveys in buildings that were built prior to 2000. Here we will explain why it’s absolutely necessary that homeowners and employers carry out asbestos surveys in old homes.

Why It’s Necessary to Carry on Asbestos Surveys?

Asbestos was being used in different building materials until to 1999. The material was finally banned in the UK after conclusive evidence linking asbestos exposure and lung cancer.

Putting the lives of individuals at risk due to asbestos exposure is considered a serious crime in the UK. Individuals can be fined for not taking any action. In worst cases, a prison sentence can result due to preventing to take reasonable action for avoiding asbestos exposure.

The ‘Duty to Manage’ section of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 in the UK makes it mandatory for property owners, landlords, and agents to identify and manage asbestos risk in their premises. Some of the responsibilities of the property owner include the following.

  • Assess the risk of asbestos-containing materials in the premises
  • Write an action plan with details regarding how to best manage the risk of asbestos exposure
  • Review and monitor the implementation of the risk management plan
  • Inform relevant persons including employees and tenants of the condition and location of asbestos-containing materials

Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 has placed responsibility on home owners, employers, and contractors to ensure safe conditions by taking appropriate actions to minimise the exposure asbestos exposure. Other legislations have also put duty on the property owners and employers to ensure safe conditions, including:

Contact Licensed Professionals for Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos surveys should be carried out only by licensed professionals. Licensed asbestos surveyors will take the necessary precautions required for identification and safe removal of the dangerous material.

A thorough asbestos analysis is undertaken to detect the presence of asbestos. In case the material is detected, licensed professionals will take the required steps to safely collect and dispose asbestos from the premises.

Do you require services of a licensed professional to dispose asbestos in Hounslow, If so, you should contact us. We have a team of skilled and trained experts who can carry out detailed asbestos analysis and safely dispose the material from your premises.

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