Why Monitoring and Testing Legionella Disease Important in the UK?

Why Monitoring and Testing Legionella Disease Important in the UK?

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other legislations in the UK requires that all property owners and employers should take reasonable care to ensure a safe and healthy work environment at the premises. Not taking effective steps to ensure safety at the premises can result in heavy fines.

One threat to human health comes from the Legionella disease. Recently a UK court had fined a Discount Warehouse £1 million for failing to take actions to prevent Legionella disease. The disease had infected 21 individuals and resulted in deaths of two individuals.

In this article, we will discuss why monitoring and testing Legionella disease is important for employers and homeowners in the UK.

Importance of Testing Legionella Disease

Legionnaires is a bacterial disease that causes lung infection. It is caused by the bacterium Legionella, which is found naturally in the environment. Mostly it is present in water systems including ponds, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. It is usually found in waters where the temperature is between 20 and 40 degrees centigrade.

Most people contract the disease by inhaling water droplets containing the bacteria. Symptoms of Legionella infection include the following.

  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pains
  • Dry cough

Legionella can be treated with antibiotics. However, in rare cases, it can prove fatal. The disease mostly affects adult and elderly individuals mostly smokers.

Legionella bacterium can flourish under favourable conditions. It is mostly found in water supply systems, swimming pools, spa pool, cooling waters, humidifiers, and water storage tanks. In order to control the risks, it’s important to carry out a detailed risk management plan to prevent outbreak of the bacterial disease.


As a property owner, you are responsible to avoid exposing people to the bacteria. It’s essential that you contact a professional for testing Legionella disease. Also, you need to create, implement, and monitor precautionary measures to avoid exposure of the bacterium.

We can carry out testing of Legionella disease. Our experts are skilled in carrying out tests to confirm the presence of the bacterial disease. Whether you require testing of Legionella disease at the workplace or in a house, you can count on us for an outstanding service.

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Legionella Testing

  1. The correct terminology is Legionnaires’ disease and not Legionella disease. Legionella is the bacteria which causes the disease. It’s mainly Legionella pneumophila which causes the disease. You test the water for the bacteria, Legionella, and not for the disease, Legionnaires’ disease, which is a pneumonia like disease, is diagnosed by a doctor and can be treated with antibiotics. However, it can be fatal when contracted by immuno-compromised patients, heavy smokers, the elderly and babies.

    1. You are of course correct and thank you for your comments.

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