How to Remove an Asbestos Water Tank

How to Remove an Asbestos Water Tank

There is no one way of removing an Asbestos Water Tank. However, the same can be removed provided you take all relevant precautions required to ensure that the removal does not release harmful contaminants in the immediate vicinity.

This is why it is important to use the right kit and protective clothing for the job. Here is how you can go about getting the job done properly:

Secure the area

First and foremost, you should try and cover the work area properly with thick plastic sheets that should be well secured with copious amounts of duct tape in order to be able to help catch all waste materials properly.

Asbestos Water Tank Removal

Secure yourself

You should always wear a disposable FFP3 face mask and it should fit your face properly. Remove the mask and procure a fresh one in case you feel it is too loose or too tight for your face. In addition to that, you should also put on Type 5 disposable overalls. However, unlike the mask, your overalls should not be form fitting, rather you may opt for one size bigger set of overalls so that you can easily place your legs over the top of your footwear.

Once your work is done, it is imperative that you refrain from reusing your overalls and mask again. However, you should dispose of them off in much the same way as you would all other asbestos-contaminated material.

Secure the environment

You should try and keep dust down to a minimum level. This is because the Asbestos fibres can easily permeate through the air, via the dust particles. You should check if your tank is fitted to an asbestos insulating board or not. If so, you should contact a licensed asbestos removal company.

Once you have the fittings out, make sure that you bag them in a clear and thick plastic bag, and while at it, only remove one item at a time so as not to disturb the asbestos material unduly. Finally, double wrap all items individually and then proceed to seal them with duct tape. Once you have them out, cover them up with plastic sheets, and also do the same with the main water tank itself. If that is not possible, then use heavy duty tarpaulin covering. In case the tank is too big for transport, seal it with the tape in the tarpaulin covering and gently hammer it till it is reduced to smaller pieces, for subsequent transportation to the disposal site.

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