The Danger of Corrugated Asbestos Cement Roof Sheets Exposed

The Danger of Corrugated Asbestos Cement Roof Sheets Exposed
The Danger of Corrugated Asbestos Cement Roof Sheets Exposed

We discuss the Danger of Corrugated Asbestos Cement Roof Sheets. The excellent heat resistant qualities had made asbestos a quite popular construction material in the 20th century. The naturally occurring mineral was used in different types of building products including roofing sheets.

Corrugated roofing sheets made of asbestos is common in UK homes constructed prior to 2000. Adding asbestos to the cement made the corrugated roofing sheets more heat resistant, weatherproof, and durable. Since the cement sheets were fireproof, manufacturers initially considered them safer as compared to wood. However, later studies had made the startling discovery that asbestos containing materials (ACMs) were a great health hazard.

The Health Risk of Asbestos Cement Roof Sheets

In order to make the public more aware of the health risks of asbestos, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) had launched a ‘Beware Asbestos’ campaign some years back.

The reality is that asbestos exposure is often fatal. Asbestos products including cement roof sheets are a great health risk. Thousands of people die every year after being exposed to the material. As a result, the product is now banned in the UK.

If ACM (asbestos product) including asbestos cement roof sheet is left intact, there is no harm. However, if the roofing sheet is somehow damaged such as after being exposed to harsh weather conditions, it can lead to dangerous health consequences.

In case the asbestos cement roof sheet gets damaged due to fire or other harsh climatic conditions, it results in the release of asbestos fibres. The microscopic fibres when inhaled becomes lodged in the lungs. Since asbestos fibres do not decompose, they permanently remain in the body.

Exposure to asbestos fibres will initially result in inflammation, soreness, and infection in the lungs. Over time, the accumulation of the particles damage the capacity of the lungs to breathe air. Different health complications arise as the body starts to fight the alien particles. Prolonged exposure to the asbestos will lead to serious health complications including:

  • lung cancer
  • asbestosis
  • pleural thickening, and
  • mesothelioma

The worst part about these diseases is that they are not treatable. While medications can slow the progress of the disease, they can’t reverse the damage done to the body.

Contact a Professional for Asbestos Cement Roof Sheet Disposal!

Asbestos cement roof sheet is a dangerous health hazard. It’s important that you contact a licensed asbestos removal contractor for disposing of asbestos sheets. Sheet disposal costs vary and depend on the extent of work required to remove corrugated roofing sheets.

Contacting a licensed asbestos removal contractor will ensure safe handling and disposal of asbestos sheets. The professional staff at a licensed company that offers asbestos removal West London will use proper handling and disposal procedures. They will perform the work adhering to the local rules and regulations regarding safe disposal of asbestos-containing products.

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