Warning Signs That Show Your Asbestos Garage Roof Is On Its Way Out

Warning Signs That Show Your Asbestos Garage Roof Is On Its Way Out

Warning signs that show your asbestos garage roof is on its way out

Asbestos was used in construction for most of the 20th century in the UK. Asbestos garage roof sheets that are found in homes and office buildings are, therefore, not entirely uncommon.

Some sources of asbestos may include walls, roofs and the linings of the ceiling. Asbestos itself is a material that consists of natural microscopic fibres that are invisible to the naked eye.

These fibres get into the deepest areas of the lungs, causing a lot of damage. Long-term exposure to these fibres may cause problems with health, including asbestosis (a type of fibrosis), mesothelioma lung cancer and more.

The effects of asbestos take place gradually over many years, so it is difficult to spot them immediately. If you find that your asbestos roof sheets are damaged, you may need immediate asbestos roof removal and remedial. But how do you know if your asbestos garage roof is on its way out?

It’s cracked, flaky and scraped

If your asbestos roof sheets have begun to crack and deteriorate, this is one of the first signs that your roof is on its way out. This may be due to the combination of effects from harsh weather conditions and poor maintenance. If the damage is not extensive, the fibres released into the air may not present a high health risk.

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Why is that?

The material used in asbestos roof sheets is asbestos cement; it means that the asbestos has just been used as reinforcement. These fibres are part of the non-friable form of asbestos, allowing only a small fraction to be released from the tiny cracks and scrapes.

The majority of the fibres are held tightly in place between the layers of the cement themselves.

If there are a number of large cracks in the roof due to poor maintenance, there is a slightly higher chance of exposure. Although most of the asbestos fibres have been bound by the cement, there are a comparatively higher number of fibres released. These fibres have broken free from the cement.

Certain situations may necessitate asbestos roof removal by a professional. To evaluate the extent of the damage, it is a good idea to contact an expert, licensed professional surveyor first, however.

Crushed asbestos insulation is bad

There have been times where old houses from the 20th century used loose filled or crushed as insulation in addition to asbestos roof sheets. The cracks or scrapes in the roof can expose this loose filled, friable asbestos. The fibres are loosely arranged in this insulation and pose a larger health threat than asbestos cement roof sheets. They’re a crushed form of pure asbestos with many fibres just waiting to be inhaled.

You need immediate asbestos roof removal when this kind of asbestos roof insulation is found in a survey. The more you delay it the higher the health risk will be.

Weathered Asbestos Garage Roof Sheets

Like any other material used for roofing, the asbestos cement roofs will deteriorate over time. The cement and the asbestos fibres are blown away by the wind or washed away by the rain. If the asbestos sheets are in poor condition, there is a visible indicator for this: Lichen and moss may be growing over it…

You may have a high risk of exposure when cleaning your roof rain gutters. You should get asbestos roof removal as soon as you can if you find yourself with badly weathered asbestos roof sheets after consulting an asbestos removal company.

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