What Are the Costs Involved with Asbestos Floor Tile Removal?

What Are the Costs Involved with Asbestos Floor Tile Removal?
What Are the Costs Involved with Asbestos Floor Tile Removal?

Asbestos had been really popular back in the day, until the hazards associated with it were discovered before the turn of the millennium. It is still found today in many homes and office buildings from that era today. The asbestos floor tile removal costs may vary, depending on the size of the area where you need removal. It may also involve complex testing and sampling procedures to help you figure out exactly where the asbestos in your floor tiles is.

Word of Caution

Asbestos is a carcinogenic material. If asbestos containing materials in your home are undisturbed and in good condition, it is best to leave them alone wherever they are. But demolition and remodelling projects will require asbestos floor tile removal to be done in a safe manner and properly if you fear that it will disturb the asbestos in the materials.

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What is Involved in Removing Asbestos

Removing any asbestos or asbestos containing materials involves having the material tested and then removed if there is truly a need for asbestos removal. Finding out about regulations and local requirements involved is also necessary, and can be done by consulting the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) resources as well as CAR 2012 (the Control of Asbestos Regulations) that apply (such as the duty to manage).

Next, get a sample of the asbestos floor tile to be analysed only by UKAS accredited laboratories that will find out how much asbestos is present in the material. If it is a larger area where asbestos floor tile removal needs to take place, there needs to be more samples taken from those areas. Naturally, asbestos floor tile removal costs will include the cost of sample testing. The testing may be a basic appraisal that costs in the neighbourhood of £50, while the extensive survey talked about earlier will cost around £200 or more.

Your Options

You have two options: asbestos floor tile removal or encapsulation. The asbestos removal (or encapsulation) costs involved will differ given the area you want it removed from or encapsulated in. If you need to re-board the area afterwards, for example, that will cost £400 or more depending on the extent of area re-boarded. Asbestos removal costs will be around £50 or more per squared metre, and for encapsulation, it will cost around £8 or more per squared metre.

Councils to Help Out

Employing professionals for asbestos floor tile removal greatly reduces the risks involved. But they do cost a “tad-bit” more. That’s where the help and advice of local councils comes in. Councils often also have their own asbestos removal services and the asbestos floor tile removal costs may go down tremendously if you employ their help and services. Smaller removal projects may even be done free of charge.

For example, the Essex Council may remove 40kg of asbestos cement for free, while Richmond Upon Thames offers to remove 200kg of asbestos cement for £44. The York and Bedford Councils also charge less depending on the project.

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