Why Asbestos Inspection is Important in London, UK?

Why Asbestos Inspection is Important in London, UK?

Asbestos is a natural mineral that was once widely used in buildings due to its high heat and fire resistant properties. However, after several studies highlighted the adverse health effects of asbestos exposure, it was banned in many countries.

Generally, asbestos exposure in the UK is likely in houses built prior to 2000. Even though the adverse health effects of asbestos exposure had been well known for years, rather surprisingly asbestos ban did not come into effect until 1999 in the country. This means that there are thousands of homeowners today who could be exposed to the harmful material.

That’s why it’s absolutely necessary for you to contact a licensed asbestos removal contractor to carry out an asbestos inspection in your home. Here are some of the benefits of an asbestos check-up by a licensed asbestos removal contractor.

Prevent a Bad Property Investment

One of the main reasons you should consider getting an asbestos inspection from a licensed asbestos removal contractor is to prevent bad property investment. You won’t be able to sell a house if people find out about the asbestos problem. To protect your property investment, you should consider hiring an experienced asbestos removal contractor for an inspection before investing in a property.

Protect You and Your Family against Asbestos-Related Diseases

Before the asbestos ban was put into place, companies commonly used asbestos in many building items. These include adhesives, tiles, ductwork, insulation, water tank, garage roof and even roofing sheets.

Many families in the UK are living in a house that was built prior to the year when the asbestos ban was enforced. Some don’t even know when the house was constructed.

An asbestos inspection will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are protected against the deadly asbestos-related diseases. An inspection can save you thousands of pounds for treating disease caused due to asbestos exposure.

Avoid Legal Battles

Sellers are legally required to disclose all information about the property before selling. They should tell the prospective buyers about environmental hazards including asbestos on the property. A buyer can sue the seller for damages suffered due to asbestos exposure. A simple asbestos inspection before selling the house can help you avoid costly legal battles.


Exposure to asbestos in the home or at the workplace can result in serious health complications. Breathing asbestos fibres destroys the abdominal lining. Long term exposure to the material can result in lung cancer.

The first step to know about asbestos exposure is to call a licensed asbestos removal contractor. The contractor will take samples and test for the presence of asbestos. You can contact us for cheap asbestos removal in London. Our services meet the strict criteria for public safety and health in the UK. We offer disposal of asbestos cement corrugated roofing, asbestos roofing sheets, garage roof asbestos, and asbestos water tank removal. Contact us today for an asbestos removal online quote.

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